We are always looking for bloggers or other influencers to promote Ichiba Japan! Get a chance to work with us for a win-win partnership. Apply now if you have a blog, a YouTube channel, or any other way to share with your audience, that is relevant to the products we sell.

Apply now by sending an email to with the following information:

  • Email subject line:
    • [Partnership request]
  • Email content:
    • Your Name
    • Your Email Address
    • Your main country of influence
    • Short description of what you do & the number of readers/followers/subscribers you have.
    • On which social media channels do you usually promote your posts? Please include the full URLs to each one.
    • Please describe the type of content you would create and let us know if you have unique ideas or style.

Regularly we will pick a few candidates based on the relevance and quality of the application. There are no specific requirements for the number of readers/followers/subscribers. The chance of being picked is higher if your blog or channel looks nice, is relevant to our products and has great original content.

The reviewers are expected to create an original and informative content with good visuals of our products. We will also ask you to include a link to our homepage or any other relevant page. We could also share selected content to our social media and email list!

Unfortunately we cannot choose every applicant for this program. Maybe your blog or channel is too new, is not relevant to our products, or we just have too many good applications waiting in line. We hope you understand! ❤

Do you want us to share your article/post/video?

Have you already purchased some products from us and posted a video on your YouTube channel, a post on your Instagram or an article on your blog? We are happy to help you promote it on our social media channels and email list! Your post/video/article will get more viewers and our followers will get to know what you think about our store! Email us at (Email subject line: [Share request]) a link to your content, and it might get featured!

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