How we work

When it comes to official Pokémon items, we don't always work like a regular online store.

If this is your first time with us, it could be a little confusing. So in this page, we will do our best to make it crystal clear to you. 😊

What's so special about Pokémon (and some other franchises) items?

We assume you already know that official Pokémon items are no longer only toys for children. Most of the people who buy them are dedicated fans and/or collectors.

Even after the Official Pokémon Stock for an item has been sold out, many brand-new items are available on the market at higher prices, because people and companies (like us) have bought a small stock. And depending on their popularity, the price of some items can go very high.

What can you see on our website?

It's near impossible to keep track of the availability and prices of all official Pokémon items on the markets. So we always display the minimum resale price on our website and almost never change it.

If you see some items with a higher price, it's often because that's a rare item that we had the opportunity to get at a reasonable price, so we bought it even though we did not have an order for it. So now, it's available for our customers at a very advantageous price (most likely the best on the market) but in very limited quantity.

We also update the price of items that we have sold several times at a higher price than the one listed, because the likelihood of getting it cheaper is very low.

We also very rarely put items out of stock, as there is always a good chance that we can get them through our amazing partner network (probably the most comprehensive in Japan).

What if we don't have everything you ordered in stock?

If we don't have an item you ordered in stock, we will let you know the best price we can get it from our Partners Network as soon as possible.

We are confident that 95% of the time we get the best price possible, and our customers know that, so they are usually happy, even if they need to pay some extra. We rarely have to cancel an order.

Now, to be totally honest, if you're not a Pokémon fan and for you a plush is just a plush, then we may not be the best website for you (and Pokémon plush are probably not the best choice for you either).

When do we take your money?

When you place an order on our website, we get an authorization from your bank to charge your payment method the amount of your order, usually within 7 days.

We only charge you when we are sure we will get all the items you ordered for the price you agreed to. If not, you can cancel your order without any cost and get your money back.

We hope those explanations will make things clearer for you. If you decide to trust us, we guarantee that you will receive the brand-new 
(unless otherwise clearly stated on the product page) plush of your choice and the chances of getting it for a better price than what we charge are extremely low.

Welcome to the crazy Pokémon world. 🤗

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